Lazy Cooking

I love cooking.  It’s one of my hobbies. My motto: don’t spend too much time preparing food; keep it simple, tasty, and healthy.

There are no hard and fast rules to learn how to cook easy, flavourful dishes, just a bit of simple planning, which I will show you. Before you know it, you will be cooking healthy flavourful dishes with minimal effort.

The internet abounds with websites and blogs that provide recipes for cooking. Yet many people, especially bachelors and singles, think it will take too much time and effort to cook healthy foods each day, or for their get-togethers and parties. Fast foods are just that: fast, and easy! Eating fast foods and visits to restaurants gets boring, not to mention expensive! Plus you don’t even know what ingredients are in the food you purchase. Cooking for yourself, using healthy ingredients, is just as easy, quick, and cheaper.

The recipes here are very fast, simple, delicious, and can be completed in 10-15 minutes.  For example if a person wishes to cook a complete 3- course meal. It will take around 20-25 minutes. Think of how you will impress your significant other! Think of how your guests will ooh and ahh when you announce you made it all by yourself! Think of the money you will save by making it at home, with healthy ingredients.

Cooking is an Art

At the same time it’s not a rocket science.  If you know how to cook you can manage in any kind of economic scenario.  It is very cost effective and is a healthy practice.  Cooking is also very creative, imaginative and gives mental, as well as dietary, satisfaction.Food plays a vital role in our lives:  not only as a means to live, but also the way to lead our lives, our thoughts, our actions.  It rejuvenates and gives crystal clear ideas, sharp mind, intelligence, and a positive outlook.  Lupercio Leonardo spoke well when he said: “how well one may philosophize when preparing dinner. 

There is one more thing: Love -- for food and for those you share with.  As long as put your heart and soul to it, you will manage with flying colours like a pro!

Most of the food recipes here are Indian cuisine and vegetarian foods.  I will eventually add other cuisines as well.  Why have I chosen Indian Cuisine at this time? Because Indian cooking is cheap, cost effective, spicy, delicious and very healthy. Average monthly expenditure will be around $200 (£100) for a single person per month --  it can be even cheaper if he/she plans it well.

A few basic things to remember...
For cooking we should plan it the way we do for other things in life.  To follow the easy way:

·         Gather all ingredients together first:  2 minutes

·         Pre-cut all vegetables:  3 minutes

·         Gather all utensils and lay out on counter:  2 minutes

·         Choose the right utensils for the job

The modern world has given us fabulous new equipment and tools to make our cooking easier and faster.   If we effectively use the right tools it will be much easier to achieve our task.  Lazy cooking can be done in less time, without compromising ourselves in terms of quality and taste.







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